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Apprentice Wizard: Golden Oriole

After my Hurricane and Clara's Wizard, a third recumbent appeared in our household: the Golden Oriole. 
Later a more comprehensive story about this recumbent of own design and built mainly by Gary Harlow (and a little bit of imput from myself). Thanks Gary! 
This bike suits both Diede (1 m 27 // roughly 4 ft) and Jesse (1 m 58 // roughly 5 ft). Only the seat is a bit too big.
The Golden Oriole (by its colours) is an Apprentice Wizard (derived from the Challenge Wizard) but with wheel somewhat smaller (16 and 20 inch).

At this moment, mainly photo's, covering the development and the final stage.
Diede had a short try on it and is about to master it. Jesse, reknown for the difficulties he had to learn to ride a "normal" bike, used 10 minutes on a first day trial and 200 meters on the next occassion to keep it going. He never ever fell of it (yet) and has complete control. Well done Jesse, and probably not a bad design either. And obviously decently made!

Diede is in full control too: look at the movies (each about 3 Mb for 20s).

Filmpje 1
Filmpje 2
Filmpje 3
Filmpje 4

Later more, now the pictures. Below are thumbnails. Click on the pictures to see them full scale.
First stage: seat (although too big) shaped and finished. Most of the construction done. Time to establish the optimum position for the rear fork pivot, suspension fixings and secondary seat fixture.
Obviously, Jesse, Diede and Hidde all have a try and assist willingly.




Some time later: main welding and brasing done. Some finishing touches on the rear bits and the break connection points have to be decided on (note no front break yet).
Fixings for the seat are ready for upgrade too. But the bike is ridable and tested by myself. If it will hold me, it certainly will hold the kids.

Total view:

Note the way the rear section has been converted from "normal" full suspension childs bike to recumbent rear section. Note the beautifull pivot steering solution with adjustable steer length.


Now all is ready for painting and assembling. Fortunately plenty of room in the cellar.


And this is the end result from many viewpoints. The photo's with the bike in use are still in the camera, so a bit of patience please.



O, by the way, this is how my hurricane is carried on my car, if I'm not riding it.

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